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                  Cardboard Drum

                  Composite Fibre Drum

                  Publish: 2015-07-02

                  Return Category


                  Specification Dimension:

                  Fibre drum diameters include 300mm, 350mm, 370mm, 400mm, 450mm (free customization of mould making for special dimension required by customers if the monthly purchase quality is over 2000 pcs). Fibre drum height of 120mm~1050mm for options. 

                  Product Materials:

                  1. The materials of the products include 250g/m2~350g/m2 imported all wood pulp craft paper, domestic AA-grade, A-grade and B-grade cardboard paper, with American linerboard color, plain color, yellow, white and multicolor for choice.

                  2. The lower hoop use high quality hot-dip galvanized steel belt with thickness of 0.5mm~1.0mm. 

                  3. The paper cover use high quality high intensity cardboard with thickness 5mm~6mm. Based on customers’ loading weight, there are paper bottoms with thickness of 5mm~10mm for choice.

                  Product Feature:

                  The product adopts oversea new process for cardboard drum making and the compound technology featured by complete combination of drum body and fiber bottom. The greatest strength of the product is the high intensity drum body. The cover of the drum adopts all-fiber cover to avoid loss of saw dust and is the best package for bulk pharmaceutical chemicals and intermediates.

                  Product Standard:

                  Execute GB/T 14187-2008 Standard for Fibre Drum

                  Product Inspection:

                  We can provide “General Cargo Container Performance Test Result Report” and “Dangerous Cargo Container Performance Test Result Report” for the product.

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